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dimanche 26 février 2023, par Martial KOUNOU

“There was there with us a young man, an Hebrew (…) he interpreted to us our dreams” Gen. 41:12

A popular saying has it that people are either remembered for the problems they create or the ones they solve during their lifetime. Almost invariably everybody yearns to succeed in life. Let’s consider here a three-steps successful destiny path.

1. Purpose

It is a known fact that "When a man does not know what harbor he is for, no wind is right wind". Therefore, the journey to a successful destiny starts with defining what one expects from life or rather unveiling what God wants you to become. Faithfully following the path God has traced for you makes your earthly journey both easier and sweeter. Take Samuel for example ! Since he knew he was to serve the Almighty God all his life, he would not stress himself reflecting over some unaligned solicitations. Unfortunately, where Samuel succeeded, Samson didn’t ! Do you know what God wants you to achieve in life ? If you don’t, please give yourself no respite until you discover it.

2. Source

Once you know God’s plan for your life, the next step is understanding God as your unique source (Abba father). Actually, only those for whom He truly is the source can boldly make the confession in Job 22:29 : “When men are cast down, then thou shall say, there is lifting up (…)”. With God as your source, you have an unswaying assurance that so long as He provides the vision, the provision is assured. Thus, you are not moved by what your eyes see. Your belief in his self-sufficiency makes you enjoy peace in the storm, joy in the midst of sadness, confidence when others fall preys to doubt.

3. Means

Although in His sovereignty God is free to use whatever means he sees fit to fulfil the purpose attached to our lives, He generally does so by using (wo)men ! For instance, there was no doubt about the prophecy over Joseph’s life ; but it took the butler to remind Pharaoh about Joseph at God’s appointed time for him to fully enter his destiny. This tells us about the importance of relating well with people and treating them fairly. In fact, somebody you meet today might not present any potential to be useful for you now. Yet, there will come a time when you cannot reach your next level without their support. Maybe you are just one helper to your destiny now . Think about it and may God help you. Amen !

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