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He Will Achieve The Impossible For You !

dimanche 22 novembre 2015, par Daniel MOUSSOUGAN

’’For He spoke, and it came to be, he commanded, and it stood firm’’ (Psalms 33:9)

What do you need that you are yet to receive ? Is it an existing material or non-material thing ? Is the need real and have you really requested it from your Heavenly Father ? Or is it an imaginary thing that you are yet to see come true : an original thought that you intent to implement ? Are you rather facing a situation it is impossible for you to overcome wherein you realize that time has completed its mission and that no solution is foreseeable for you ?

People and experience may have convinced you to the point of compelling you to give up. You have stopped dreaming of that future situation where, at last, you will be in peace with yourself, where your troubles will disappear ! You feel disappointed, overwhelmed by new problems that relentlessly increase the number of existing ones. For your parched soul, no rest ! You sleep little, revisiting your troubles that are activated by long and never-ending sighing and intersected throughout the day by non-achieved actions.

But what has He said, He that made you ? God ? What answer has He provided you for you to imagine that your story is over ? Does He seem impotent to react or does He look indifferent ?

‘’For He spoke, and it came to be, he commanded, and it stood firm’’ (Psalms 33:9). From the moment we understand that we are made by God, the next step is for us to be reassured that He did it for a specific purpose and that He is doing everything for us to be happy. There is nothing impossible for God, nothing He cannot do for your happiness in this world and in the one to come. There are however at least the following three (3) things we need to do or have :

1.Faith : Believing in God’s existence is key to pleasing Him. God created us and He takes care of us. But those who trust Him and walk with Him draw to themselves his favor.

2. Determination : It is supported by our faith, our expectation in God’s promise. We need to stand firm in our walk with God, knowing that having promised everything He is equally able to achieve them. We therefore need to work in an unwavering way in order to achieve goals for which we hope for God’s favor.

3.Prayer and intimacy with God : In prayer, we speak to God, we discuss with Him, communicating to Him our concerns, our weaknesses. We also give Him thanks for everything, whether they are past, current or future.

These three conditions, once met, form one of the safest means to remain within God’s will and to witness achievement of His promises in our life. To put it the Word of God : “For the revelation awaits an appointed time ; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it ; it will certainly come and will not delay’’ (Habakkuk 2:3).

Now, my brother and my sister, take hold of this word, apprehend the availability of God and do what it takes to see His manifestations in your life. For it is my conviction that your happiness is awaiting you !

God bless you !

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