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Who Is Your Master ?

lundi 17 septembre 2018, par Florent V. GBEDO

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money” Matthew 6 : 24

Beloved ones,

Before going any further, I think it useful to clarify the words “master” and “servant”. Indeed, per the illustrated “Petit Larousse”, “the Master is a person who commands, governs, exercises an authority, somebody who teaches something… who manages the implementation of something and has authority over implementers”. The same word could be used for the owner of something or an animal. With regard to the “servant”, per the same dictionary, it is “the person that serves an individual or an entity”. It is therefore clear that a servant always serves somebody or an ideal depending on guidance originating from the master ; (s)he actually does all the will or desire of the master, what the master has said, ordered or is doing himself.

It is therefore obvious that the concepts of Master and Servant are intertwined. Yes, beloved ones, there is no servant without a master. A person for whom Christ is not the Master therefore de facto belongs to Satan. There is no third choice or alternative. We either belong to Christ or to Satan.

And yet, beloved one, is Jesus really your master ? What story does your life tell ? A good testimony or rather a scandal ? Does Jesus have authority over your life or is he merely part of the scenery ? Does he have control over all areas of your life and are his orders reflected in all actions that you take ? Are you in the habit of letting him operate freely in your life to transform it thoroughly or have you rather decided to control it yourself and make it what you feel is good for you ?

We do preach very good messages for the edification of others but does our own life reflect what we preach ? Does it reflect the good lessons we teach in Sunday schools ? God has nothing to do with our smart titles of Evangelists, Reverend, Plenipotentiary Prophets, Bishops, Archbishops, Singer, and choir member with the voice of a nightingale, etc., but he only needs our life, our heart before anything we could do for him. You need to know this for necessary adjustment to be done for you to be a useful tool in his hands.

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