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Be At Peace !

lundi 13 avril 2020, par Euloge Dossou

“Then the high priest rose up, and all they that were with him, (the sect of the Sadducees) and were filled with indignation, and laid hands on the apostles, and cast them into the public prison.” Acts 5:17-18.

When we read from the 1st verse of the 5th chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, we will notice that it was after a succession of miraculous divine signs, sometimes very frightening, that the Sadducees, jealous of Peter and his brothers, imprisoned them. I can’t describe in depth here who the Sadducees were, but let’s remember that together with the Pharisees, they formed the ruling class of Israel.

What audacity and what level of hardening to attack an anointed man that God uses so dangerously ! This portion of the scriptures shows us that the gifts of God we manifest, and our most supernatural prowess, do not in any way thrill Satan. Otherwise, how can the Philistines still dare to attack David after he publicly beheaded the great and powerful Goliath ? Let’s also remember that the fire power that the prophet Elijah had used successfully and on several occasions, his "capacity" to reopen heavens and to release the rain, had in no way dampened the ardour of Queen Jezebel who swore to kill him, forcing him to flee, all depressed, despite the anointing.

From Genesis to Revelation, we have many examples : Moses and the people of God, despite the demonstration of divine power in many respects, were hunted down by Pharaoh and his army. Daniel, Joseph, Paul, Jesus... The enemy will do his job. The good news is that “evil often strikes the righteous, but the Lord always delivers him”. Hallelujah !

Whenever a Son of God is attacked, Emmanuel systematically deploys his army ; and an angel comes to his rescue. Before the red sea Moses saw the end of his enemies, which the Lord swore he would never see again.

As long as you remain connected to the divine supernatural, as long as you do not rely on your own strength, as long as you humbly choose to seek the face of the Lord in all circumstances and not to rely on your past exploits, as long as you keep trusting this faithful and tender friend, who neither sleeps nor slumbers, you will see the end of Christ’s enemies and eventually you will never again see them in Jesus name.

Keep calm, be strengthened. No matter what you are experiencing, God is faithful, it’s well.

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