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dimanche 7 mars 2021, par Yunusa Dankarame

“A man’s gift [given in love or courtesy] makes room for him and brings him before great men.” Proverbs 18:16

It is amazing that the Bible does not refer to man’s education, connections, or wealth as a propelling factor that ushers him into the presence of great men but rather his God given gift. I am not advocating that those are unessential or unimportant. I am simply highlighting that great men will primarily look for a skilful person that can solve a particular challenge. If you serve kings, you will receive kingly rewards. In other words all you need is to hone your gift and reap the reward that is commensurate to your level of mastery. Throughout the Bible, skilful people have been used to carry out important projects. That is the power of the gift. Unfortunately, many gifts are latent therefore leaving people in desolation and abject need. May I recommend that you can only start activating multiple streams of income when your gift is active else you be discouraged with many failed projects.

First of all, you need to identify your gift. Although there are opportunities all around, not all opportunities suit everyone the same. Search within you, your gift is already embedded in you. A gift is like a seed. That seed usually comes in form of desires in your heart. When you have a restlessness or eagerness to pursuit a dream, that can be your gift looking for a way to find expressing.

Secondly, you need to develop your gift in the right environment. For instance, a seed if put in the right soil will always produce a plant or a tree. In this similitude although one is gifted, that gift will need to be in the right environment to blossom. It is important to surround yourself with likeminded people who can challenge you and not choke your dream because it looks utopic to them.

Thirdly, give your gift for free. Every gift needs time to nurture and grow. One of the best ways to get free advertisement and hone your skill is to put it out there for free. Never miss a chance to show people what you can do. That opportunity becomes your golden platform to excelling at it.

Fourthly, add value to your gift. Become a reference in the field. Let your light shine so much that your gift will make room for you. Go the extra mile.

Every gift is a potential stream of income longing to be tapped into.

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